Greek Alabaster Inlay of a Goddess

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A carved appliqué of a young female head. It shows only the woman’s profile, but has been rendered very carefully: her face is delicately carved and her features are lightly delineated.  She has thick curly hair, fleshy features, and is supplied on a custom-made mount. Her eyes are large and frontal, and her lips are thick. Her nose is clearly rendered, and her hair appears to be in a braid around her head. She is wearing a diadem of sorts, suggesting that perhaps she represents a goddess.

Date: Circa 4th Century BC
Provenance: Ex Lord McAlpine collection.
Condition: Very fine condition.

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In the ancient world, alabaster was widely used for small sculpture. This was on account of the rock’s softness – fine detail could be carved into it without need for iron or steel tools, and it had an attractive finish.


Weight 70.3 g
Dimensions W 2 x H 3 cm



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