Greek- Hellenistic Medallion with Female Helmeted Bust

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A moulded terracotta medallion featuring a high relief depiction of a female bust within a decorative border. The figure appears wearing a helmet and full armour, possibly representing the goddess of war and intelligence Athena, known as Minerva in the Roman pantheon. The medallion is pierced with two holes for attachment, now blocked with earthly encrustation. Considering the style of the figure, this piece might be dated between the Hellenistic and Parthian period with strong Eastern aesthetic influences.

The piece comes with an original note from W. G. Professor Lambert.

Date: Circa 200 BC - 200 AD
Provenance: Ex private London, UK, collection, 1970-1990.
Condition: Good Condition.

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Terracotta rounders or medallions would have been used to decorate walls or furnitures in Ancient Times; decorative motives usually included iconographies driven from mythology, literature and theatre. However, this specific example might have been used as a a waving or loom weight, which were usually characterised by pierced holes for suspensions.

Weight 12.4 g
Dimensions L 4 x H 4 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


Reference: For a similar item, please seeThe British Museum, item 1863,0728.200

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