Large Medieval Corpus Christi


A bronze gilded figure of Christ on the cross, with his bearded head turning to the right. He is wearing a loincloth and his knees are slightly bent, with pins through the left hand and feet. There are traces of gilding to the front and of more extensive gilding to the rear.

Date: Circa 14th Century AD
Provenance: UK art market, acquired prior to 2000.
Condition: Very fine condition.


In the Medieval period, crucifixes showing Jesus on the cross were a widely recognised symbol of Christianity and its denominations. By the late Middle Ages, there was a crucifix on display in virtually every European church, and a smaller one like this would most likely have been used for personal worship. It is still to this day one of the most common symbols of Christianity, and has not diminished in its popularity.

This particular crucifix was made with the gilding technique. Gilding is the technique whereby a layer of gold powder is applied to an object.

Weight 155 g
Dimensions H 12.8 cm


Christian Ideology


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