Late Bronze Age Bronze Standard Top


A Late Bronze Age-early Celtic period cast bronze standard top or finial featuring a flat base and a body pierced longitudinally for suspension. Two long arms protrude from the body, which are situated above the small pierced hole. The surface of the standard top is smooth and undecorated. The piece has been mounted on a custom made stand for display, some patination to the surface.

Date: Circa 1500-700 BC
Condition: Good condition. Without the stand, the height is 4.7cm.


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The Celts were a civilisation that lived in various areas across Europe and were first said to have emerged in the Late Bronze Age 13th century BC. These tribes were best identified by their uses of Celtic languages and cultural similarities. The spread of the Celts travelled across Western Europe through migration and invasion with their legacy most notable in Britain and Ireland. During the Bronze Age/Celtic period,  tin and copper was mixed at a high heat which would form a liquid bronze. This was then cast by pouring the liquid into a mould which was most commonly made out of stone, clay or sand. The bronze would cool and harden into the desired shape or object.

Weight 81.1 g
Dimensions W 13.4 x H 8 cm



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