Medieval Gold Leaf Horse Appliqué Pair


A pair of appliqués, each with a rectangular wooden centre lined by gold leaf. They are decorated in repoussé, with an advancing horse to one face and a rosette to the other. Both appliqués are mounted on a custom-made stand.

Length of each appliqué: 2 cm, height of each stand: 6.4 cm.

Date: Circa 10th - 14th Century AD
Condition: Good condition, one with damage.

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The repoussé technique allows one to create a pattern with metalwork by hammering the reverse to produce a design in low relief. It was commonly used in the ancient and medeval worlds to shape malleable metals including, silver, bronze, copper or gold, much like this beautiful example, to embellish vessels, ornaments and jewellery.

Horses were an integral part of medieval societies, their use ranged from military purposes, to transport, and agriculture. Their importance for the daily workings of medieval societies, emphasises their popularity as motifs in art.

Weight 60 g
Dimensions W 2 cm


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