Ming Dynasty China Dragon Head in Stucco


A fragmentary head of a dragon in stucco, probably part of a larger figure. The fearsomely modelled head features bulging eyes and protruding teeth above the thrust-out lower jaw. The piece is mounted on a wood display stand with hook, and is suitable for wall hanging (height including stand: 23 cms).

Date: Circa 14th-16th century AD
Period: Ming Dynasty
Condition: Fine; some elements chipped off and missing.


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In China and Japan, the dragon is considered a beneficent force of nature, exercising control over water in particular. Imperial China also associated the dragon closely with the power of the Emperor, with the symbol adorning his robes, and representing nobility and power. Indeed, the bulging eyes and strong jaw of the dragon, as demonstrated in this example, are indicative of its strength and fortitude. Surviving statues trace the presence of the dragon in Chinese culture at least as far back as the fifth millennium BC, but the symbol can still be seen today on buildings, costumes, and decorative arts.


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Dimensions H 13 cm
Chinese Mythology





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