Roman Bronze Jupiter Mount

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An ancient Roman bronze mount, finely-carved with the head of Jupiter. The Roman god is depicted in his typical form: bearded and with profuse hair, looking upwards. The reverse is unmodelled and slightly curved.

Supplied with wooden stand.



Date: Circa 1st - 3rd Century AD
Condition: Fine condition, details slightly worn but good stable bronze.


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Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of Zeus, who is the king of the gods and associated with thunder, lightning, and storms. The ancient Romans believed that they were predominantly watched over a triad of gods, comprising Mars, the god of war; Quirinus, the god of Roman state; and Jupiter, the supreme god. By the time of Roman Republic, Mars and Quirinus had been replaced by Juno and Minerva. Jupiter was well known for his countless affairs comitted against his wife Hera (Juno) which formed the central plot for most Grecco-Roman myths.

Weight 126 g
Dimensions H 4.5 cm



Roman Mythology

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