Roman Bronze Zoomorphic Casket Leg


An an ancient Roman bronze zoomorphic winged casket leg, ending in a claw. It features an imaginary animal with spread wings, a round protruding chest, and his head rendered with high details, a large nose and an open mouth. Its body terminates with one single foot, resembling the large paw of a lion, which is flat at the bottom to lean against the ground and sustain the casket. The reverse is smooth and slightly curved, presenting signs of where it was attached to a larger casket and support it. The casket leg presents green patination on its surface.

The object comes with a custom-made stand for display.

Date: Circa 1st - 2nd Century AD
Condition: Fine condition with signs of ageing and earthly encrustations on the surface. Beautiful green and brown patina on the surface.


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Bronze objects were widely used in every aspect of Roman life. Aside from serving military and religious functions, bronze objects were indispensable for daily life. They were a common choice of compositional material for pots, pans, and various fittings, such as handles for furniture. Casket or chest legs are almost always found detached. They were used for various containers, such as capsa, acerra, and pyxides (cosmetic and incense jars).  Bronze manufacts are rare and precious evidence of ancient Roman workmanship, many of which have been lost, melted and recast into new objects throughout the later centuries.

Weight 54.1 g
Dimensions H 5 cm



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