Roman Empire Repousse Boss with Deity

£ 750.00

A finely modelled Ancient Roman ornamental boss, hammered from a single piece of bronze with details rendered in repousse technique. The boss features the high relief representation of a male figure, possibly the Roman god Bacchus. The deity is shown demi-bust, facing frontally and wearing a fillet and with his curly hair arranged to resemble wine leaves. The deity is rendered in a finely rendered manner, with emphasis on the big wide open yes, and facial features such as lips, eyebrow and nose.  The rendering of the hair and pectoral muscles reflect a Greek influence. The frontality of the figure conveys a sense of kingship and royalty, reinforcing the hypothesis that the figure might be representing a divinity. Further enrichments include bands of geometric and floral design running along the ornament’s border.

Date: Circa 1st-3rd century AD
Condition: Fine, repaired, mounted on a custom-made stand, ideal for display.


During the roman Empire metals, such as silver and bronze, would have been hammered to create beautiful vessels or ornaments. Bronze bosses, such as this fine example, would have been used in antiquity to embellish bronze furniture, toiletries tables, jewellery boxes or harnesses. It was the custom for the Ancient Romans, especially the wealthy, to have highly decorated everyday life objects. Decorative motifs included geometric and floral patterns, representation of mythological scenes, gods and goddesses. Bacchus, known as Dionysus in Ancient Greek culture, was one of the most important gods in Ancient Roman pantheon and he was often associated with wine, fertility and the concept of re-birth.

Weight 66.5 g
Dimensions W 9.1 x H 3.8 cm



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