Selection of Ancient Egyptian Steatite Floral Inlay Discs

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A selection of ancient Egyptian steatite inlays in the shape of discs, each featuring an impressed five-petaled floral motif, possibly a daisy, on both sides. Some of the pieces are composed of a stack of several discs. Slight earthly encrustations to the surfaces. Chips to some of the pieces.

Measurements: Diameter will vary from 1.4cm to 1.7cm

N.B. Please note that this is for 1 piece only. Individual selection is not available. Image is for reference only.

Date: Circa 3rd-1st century BC
Period: Ptolemaic Period
Provenance: London ADA member's gallery, 1980s-1990s.
Condition: Fine condition and intact. Some earthly encrustation to the surface.

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In Ancient Egypt, flowers symbolised rebirth as the flower would reopen every day after closing for the night, therefore they were extensively placed around homes, gardens, religious ceremonies and as decorative accessories. Many favourite species included lotus flowers, daisies, mandrakes and poppies. Daisies were used to soothe the skin and to aid digestion, as the chamomile extract from the plant placates irritation and puffiness.

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