Tarentine Gilded Appliqué of a Young Man


An excellent Tarentine appliqué made from terracotta and still bearing the traces of its original gilding. It depicts the face of a young man, with curly hair and a calm, thoughtful expression. The facial features are still clearly visible.

The back is unworked, except for the small indentation. This, at the top of the head, could possible suggest an original hole for suspension or attachment.

Comes supplied with a metal stand.

Date: Circa 4th century BC
Provenance: Ingrid McAlpine, 1939 - 2018, London and Epsom. Mask on loan to the Antikenmuseum Basel pre 1993.
Condition: Very fine condition.


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This appliqués belongs to a category of gilded terracottas that adorned Tarentine funerary furniture. Mythological creatures and more natural animals are frequently represented, with them arranged in groups depicting hunting scenes or in the company with deities.

Weight 77 g
Dimensions W 3 x H 7 cm

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