Viking Lead Strap End with Figure


A fine Viking lead strap-end featuring a symmetrical design executed in low relief. A divine figure is portrayed at the centre of the piece, with arms outstretched and raised. Two captives are depicted below the figure, each held hostage with a substantial rope. Some of the detailing to the figures has now faded due to wear. The two rivet holes survive, although the right is blocked by earthly encrustations. The reverse of the piece remains unworked.

Date: Circa 7th - 9th Century AD
Condition: Fine condition - original structure is in tact, however the surface is worn and there are some earthly encrustations.


Both Viking men and women enjoyed wearing jewellery as an indicator of wealth and social status, wearing these pieces kept their wealth safe and secure. Jewellery held a second purpose; most Vikings would have preferred their jewellery to have been made from precious metals with the intention to be used as a currency for trade. Depending on the transaction, jewellery many have been broken up to accommodate for a more appropriate price or deal.

Weight 37.84 g
Dimensions L 4.3 x W 2.8 cm




Reference: For similar item please see The British Museum, item number 1903,0623.95

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