British Historical Medals 1760-1960, Volume 3


The publication of this volume, covering an era which saw the British people engaged in three major wars, the unique events which led to the Abdication of Edward VIII and the growth of the Labour Party, brings to a conclusion a work in three volumes which has taken many years to compile and which sets out to catalogue all the more important Historical Medals published in the British Isles during the two hundred years following the death of George II. Volumes One and Two, published in 1980 and 1987, covering the periods from the Accession of George III to the Death of William IV and the Reign of Queen Victoria respectively, have been widely accepted as definitive works on the subject and are viewed as indispensable by collectors, dealers and museum staff. As in the previous volumes there are, in addition to the catalogue itself, an Historical Introduction which provides an overall view of events against which to set the medals, a comprehensive General Index and indices of inscriptions in English and foreign languages. Of particular value to users of the first two volumes is the considerable amount of new and updated information relating to medals catalogued in those books which is now published in Volume III. An appendix reproduces contemporary advertisements for medals, recently discovered in a nineteenth century scrapbook. There are also four combined indices to all three volumes: General Index, English Inscriptions, Foreign Language Inscriptions and an Index of Artists, Medallists and Publishers.

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Date: 1995
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