The Herbert Schneider Collection, Volume 2 – English Gold Coins 1603-20th Century


Volume Two includes coins from the reign of James I to the end of the use of gold coinage as a circulating medium. The introduction alone provides discussion of background according to rule; the terms of the coin issues (based on surviving mint documents); the numismatic classification; and the modern literature. The meticulous catalogue of 674 coins gives full transcriptions of the legends, as well as details of the classification and die-linking of each coin. Every piece is illustrated on the 55 plates, making the sylloge a valuable tool for identification and further study. An additional 3 plates illustrate the 23 coins which were not included in the first volume in 1996.

Pagination: 210

Format: Hardback

Date: 2002
Condition: A new, unread, unused book in perfect condition with no missing or damaged pages

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The Herbert Schneider collection of English gold coins was formed over a period of 50 years by a leading expert in the field. It is the finest collection in private hands, outranked overall only by that of the British Museum. The completeness and quality of the collection makes it an ideal vehicle for a conspectus of English gold coinage.

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