Ancient Greek Coins


In this work, the author has presented Greek coins in a chronological framework. An introductory section deals with the technical aspects of the coinage, and the monetary and weight standards.This is followed by a survey of Greek coins throughout the Greek world which is broken down into three main periods; Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic. Most of the works described are masterpieces in miniature – some are only a few millimetres in diameter.Their full beauty and impressive details are revealed by a wealth of photographs, enlarged to illustrate them at their finest.This revised edition of a well-respected text will be an essential reference for those interested in the coins of the Greek world, and for those yet to be introduced to the subject.

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Numerous Greek coins, especially some of the larger silver pieces, are and have been regarded as being amongst the finest masterpieces of ancient art. Once the earliest pieces appeared in Asia Minor in the seventh century BC, the idea of using coinage spread rapidly throughout the ancient world wherever civilization had a foothold, and dies of great intricacy and beauty were moved to copy these coins, especially those of Athens and later of Macedon.

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