Coinage in the Greek World

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The development and use of coinage in the Greek world is surveyed in this book from its introduction in the 7th century BC to the late Hellenistic period. Coins can illuminate many facets of history and here the focus is on the reasons why they were circulated and how they were used. As a result, there is a wealth of information that has been gathered in one place for the first time.

An opening chapter introduces the study of Greek coins, outlining the development of modern methods of research. This is followed by chapters discussing the invention of coinage and its spread to all parts of the Greek world. Coinage production and design and the role of coins in the life of people are then discussed, followed by chapters on the Classical period, Alexander the Great and the late Hellenistic world.

As well as being a succint and readable account for students and collectors of coins, all those interested in the ancient world should find this a fresh and stimulating source of information.

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Date: 2004
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