A Handbook of Islamic Coins


This book provides an introduction to the coinages of the Near and Middle East, issued by the various dynasties that emerged from the religious state established by the Prophet Muhammad. The Islamic coinages of India and South East Asia are excluded because they are derived from different monetary concepts and cultural backgrounds.

Each chapter begins with a summary of the main historical changes that are relevant to a general study of the coinage. This is followed by detailed commentary on the coinage with reference to the illustrations. The latter are reproduced at actual size, the better to appreciate the motifs and especially the fine art of calligraphy which is the very epitome of Islamic art. Detailed captions to the illustrations provide a “parallel text” complementing the more general historical material.

A particularly valuable feature of the book are the nine maps specially drawn for it which were prepared to show the mint towns of the different dynasties. From these the extent of the spread of Islamic culture and coinage can be well seen.

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Date: 2010
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