Roman Silver Coins II – Tiberius to Commodus


This volume is one of a series dealing exclusively with Roman silver coinage which covers a span of almost five centuries, from the early third century BC to the late fifth century AD. Roman Silver Coins Volume II covers the years AD14-192 and includes some of the most emotive emperors of Roman history – Claudius, Nero, Vespasian, Trajan and Hadrian.

On the reverse of the coins can be seen all facets of Roman life including politics, religion and economics. A particular feature of interest is the changing fashion of Imperial ladies’ hairstyles.

Most Roman emperors and many members of the Imperial family are represented on the silver coinage.

The 573 photographs of coins included here are taken from the renowned G.R. Arnold collection, supplemented by photographs from the British Museum.

Pagination: 256

Format: Hardback


Date: 2004
Condition: A new, unread, unused book in perfect condition with no missing or damaged pages

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