A Selection of Phacops Trilobites

Two excellent examples of Phacops Trilobites from the Devonian Period.

Period: Devonian Period, 408 million years ago
Condition: Excellent condition.
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Dating to the Devonian Period, these Trilobites are over 345 million years old. They are also known as Eldredgeops Trilobites and are distinctive from other trilobites as they have bulbous eyes and a large glabella. Their large eyes could swivel to allow a 360-degree view and may have enabled them to distinguish between colours. Their large glabella (nose area) may suggest that they were predatory creatures. The glabella held most of the digestive system and its enlargement have led many to believe it was capable of digestive large chunks of flesh. It is also possible that they preyed on smaller species of trilobite on the sea floor.

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