Fossilised Athleta Spinosa Shell


A beautifully preserved Athleta shell – featuring natural and intricate decoration – embedded in grey stone. The shell displays coils, which are decorated by pronounced spikes. Slightly curved, linear indentations span the horizontal width of the shell.

Date: Around 50 million years old
Period: Paleogene Period, Cretaceous
Condition: Very good condition - there is one minor chip on the back of the shell, and some minor cracks.


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The Athleta species is a genus of marine snail – and falls within the gastropod class of molluscs. The Athleta species are within the Volutidae family of Gastropods – a class of predatory sea snails.

We have a reasonably complete fossil record of this type of shell, allowing for the creation of a widely accepted evolutionary history – placing the first appearance of these sea snails in the Early Cretaceous period. This historic species –  first emerging over 100 million years ago – still exists today.

Weight 34.16 g
Dimensions L 5.1 x W 4.0 cm


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