Pair of Dinosaur Eggs

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A joined pair of fossilised dinosaur eggs, which likely come from the Therizinosaurus.


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‘Therizinosaurus’ refers to the genus of very large theropod dinosaurs, comprising a single species: T. cheloniformis. Its name translates as ‘scythe lizard’, deriving from the Greek ‘herizo’ meaning “to reap” or “to cut off” and ‘sauros’ meaning “lizard”- this refers to the gigantic hand claws, which were roughly 1 m in length and remain the longest claws ever known! The species lived during the late Cretaceous period – 70 million years ago: remains were first discovered in Mongolia, and these dinosaurs were estimated to have been 10 m tall and 5 tonnes in weight.

Dimensions W 27 cm
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