Fossilised Knightia


A Knightia from the Eocene period featuring a long body with fine preservation of the fins, tail and spine. These fish fossils have been found at the Green River Formation in Kemmerer, Wyoming.

Date: Circa 50 Million years ago
Period: Eocene period
Condition: Fine condition.


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The knightia is the most common fish to be found at the Green River Formation and believe to be connected with the herring species. They range in size with the largest at 28cm long and lived in freshwater lakes. They were schooling fish and therefore are usually found in their shoals. They fed on algae and arthropods and were a big part of the ecosystem, being a main source for predators, such as birds, snakes and larger fish.

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Dimensions L 17.9 x H 11.3 cm

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