Framed Fossilised Priscacara


A Genus Priscacara from the Eocene Era featuring a sunfish like shape with fine preservation of the strong, protective dorsal and anal spines. These fish fossils have been found at the Green River Formation in Kemmerer, Wyoming.

Date: Circa 56-33.9 Million years ago
Period: Eocene period
Condition: Fine condition, piece is mounted on a custom made frame, small piercing to the backing of the frame above the fossil. Fossil size; 35cm length, 22.2cm height.


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The name Priscacara translates as ‘primitive head’ and is possibly the most common fish fossil found at Green River. The priscacara has two different species within, the liops and the serrata, although the serrata are less common. They are believed to have been extinct at the end of the Milocene period. The fine quality of the preservation of these fossils is thought to be due to the cold period which sank the dead fishes quicker and the depth of the lakes prevented other predators from swimming down and eating the carcasses.

Weight 3000 g
Dimensions L 50 x W 37 cm