Knightia Fish Fossils

Two excellent examples of Knightia fish fossils that would be an excellent addition to any collection. Priced separately.

Period: Eocene Epoch, 50 million years ago
Condition: Excellent condition.
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Also known as Knightia Eocaena, this species of fish was particularly bony and is a distant relative of modern sardines and herrings. Now extinct, they used to feed on plankton and were preyed on by many predators due to their lack of defences. Many fossils show details of the bones, fins and scales of the Knightia fish. Dating to the Eocene Epoch, these fossils are 50 million years old. They could grow to be over 25cm, although few fossils reflect this size. Due to the fact that they are commonly found in the Green River in Wyoming, they are now the official fossil of the state.

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