Polished Orthoceras Cephalopods

A selection of orthoceras fossils, varying in width and shape. All, however, bear the characteristic of a marbled grey and black shell. These shell fossils are all that is left of the ancestors of the modern day squid. It is the size of these grey shells that differ, and some are smoother or more pointed than others. A beautiful addition to any collection.


Period: Paleozoic Era, 500 million years ago
Condition: Excellent condition.
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Orthoceras (“straight horn”) were squid-like molluscs that were common in the Paleozoic seas 400 million years ago. The soft body would live in the larger end of the conical shell, as the body grew, a dividing wall called the septa would form to make room in the small shell. It is thought the creature would crawl across the sandbanks using its many tentacles. These fossils can range from 1 centimeter to 14 foot.

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