Sand Dollar from the Miocene Period


A beautiful example of a fossilised sand dollar. The five-pointed star is clearly visible on the top, and it posseses a wonderful yellow and orange colouring.

Period: Miocene Period, 7 million years ago
Condition: Good condition. Some natural erosion has occurred around the edges over time.


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A ‘sand dollar’ is the term used to describe a species of flattened, burrowing sea urchin (Clypeasteroida). These creatures possess an external skeleton arranged in a five-fold radial pattern; this is what can be found or has been fossilised.

Sand dollars first appeared in the Paleocene era, about 60 million years ago. By the middle Eocene, they had populated every ocean. Unlike other fossil, sand dollars are not extinct. There are 49 genera of fossil sand dollars and 29 still living.

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