Shepherd’s Crowns (Micraster)

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A beautiful selection of Micraster echinoderms, a group of fossils related to the modern-day sea urchin. They are grey in colour, with a mottling that covers the beautiful scale-like pattern that covers the objects. The most recognisable aspect of echinoderms are the five-fold radial symmetry that meets at the top. This is clearly visible on each piece.

Price is per each item.

Date: 80 million years ago
Period: Cretaceous
Condition: Excellent


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Shepherd’s Crowns are echinoderms, a particular group of sea animals: their most recognisable feature is the five-fold radial symmetry. Sea urchins of this kind were immersed in popular folklore, with people believing that they were thunderstones, fallen from the sky during a thunderstorm, and that they could prevent milk from turning sour. In Suffolk, such echinoderms are called ‘fairy loaves’ due to their shape, and have been used as charms by being placed on the hearth.

Weight 209 g
Dimensions W 3-4.5 cm
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