Theropod Dinosaur Footprint Fossil

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A counter impression of a Theropod dinosaur footprint, around 120 million years old. Although we cannot gauge which exact species left this print, its three toed imprint can be identified as part of the Theropoda family, a group of dinosaurs distinguishable by their three toed limbs and hollow bones. It is almost impossible to identify an exact dinosaur species from its fossilised tracks: many dinosaurs would have had very similar footprints, and footprint fossils are often weathered and worn. Moreover, bones and tracks don’t necessarily always match up, bones lack much of the soft tissue that made up the foot and corresponding print.

Date: 120 million years ago
Period: Upper Jurassic
Condition: Good condition


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Theropods are an extant clade of dinosaurs, first emerging during the Carnian age of the Triassic period, around 231.4 million years ago. Although their antecedents were carnivorous, the theropod group evolved to include herbivores, omnivores, piscivores and insectivores. The theropod family of dinosaurs still survives today, through its feathered members : the current consensus within the scientific community maintains that modern day birds are a group of maniraptoran theropod dinosaurs. Although there seems to be a broad consensus about the dinosaurial origins of modern day birds, the sequence of evolutionary events facilitating this developments is disputed. Preserved footprints – known as ichnites – are a type of trace fossil, which are essentially fossils that provide evidence about an animal’s existence, while not being part of the animal itself.

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