Illuminated Bible on Vellum

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A large original leaf from a late-medieval Bible. On each side of the page are 29 lines of text, arranged in two columns, and written in black and red ink. The script, known as lettre-batarde, has been written on animal vellum. Fillers and initials throughout are written in red and blue with gold infills, while the larger two- and four-line initials are decorated in pink and blue. These larger initials are designed with spiralling floral and foliate patterns on hairline stems. The text is made up of a variety of passages, including Acts 9:1-14 and Matthew 16:18.

Date: France, probably Paris, c. 1410-20
Condition: Very fine condition. The black text on the obverse has faded slightly.


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Weight 7.2 g
Dimensions W 23.5 x H 33.5 cm
Christian Ideology




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