Medieval Leaf from the Book of Lamentations


A decorated leaf from a British Medieval Bible highlighted with blue and red pigments. The page features two columns of text, written in a popular Medieval and Renaissance gothic book-hand script, known as ‘lettre bâtarde’. This particular leaf has two capitalised and enlarged initials, a large ‘E’ and a larger ‘Q’ which scrolls siding the column all the way to the bottom. These initials are blue with an extremely fine floral and geometrical decoration in red inside and beside them.

Date: Britain, circa early 13th century AD
Condition: Extremely fine


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The page is an excerpt from the Book of Lamentation, from the Old Testament. It is generally attributed to the prophet Jeremiah and it is the account of the destruction of the city of Jerusalem by the hand of Nabucodonosor, king of Babylon, in 586 BC. Bible and Books of Hours are the most common surviving type of manuscript, but each copy was unique. As a result, books of this type offer some of the most interesting examples of medieval calligraphy and decorative practice. A rare example of a leaf produced in Britain from the 13th century.

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