Ancient Egyptian Diorite Shallow Dish


An Ancient Egyptian shallow dish made from the stone diorite. Featuring a large, circular interior with shallow, inturned rim.

Reverse gently curved. Features an old catalogue sticker from previous provenance. Sold with a custom-made stand.

Date: Circa 3100 – 2181 BC
Period: Early Dynastic period - Old Kingdom
Provenance: Ex Mayfair Gallery collection, pre 1999.
Condition: Very fine


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Diorite, as a hard rock, was extremely difficult to sculpt. It was used in the Early Dynastic and Old Kingdoms for vases. Later this altered and the material was used more for sculpture and large architectural pieces. The Romans exported the material, taking advantage of Egypt’s natural resources.

Weight 1134.8 g
Dimensions W 18 cm



Reference: For a similar item, Christie’s, Sale 14490, Lot 101.

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