Ancient Roman Bronze Ladle


A short Ancient Roman simpulum, or ladle, crafted from bronze, featuring a deep rounded bowl with a flat base and a slightly everted rim. A short handle is attached, narrowing into a dull end, and displays a flat disc for handling. The body is decorated with two-double horizontal incised bands and one across the rim, whilst concentric circles cover the base of the ladle. The rest of the vessel is left unadorned.

Date: Circa 1st – 3rd Century AD
Provenance: Ex. French Collection. Paris Auction, Vermot & Associés
Condition: Very fine condition. Some earthly encrustation on surface


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The ladle – a simpulum or simpuvium – was a small vessel with a generally long handle used during Ancient Roman civilisations at sacrifices to make libations, and to taste wines and liquors that were poured on the heads of sacrificial victims. It was the sign of the Roman priesthood, and one of the insignia of the College of Pontiffs; appearing on several ancient coins.

Weight 58.7 g
Dimensions L 10.5 cm



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