Bactrian Alabaster Vessel


A fine Bactrian alabaster vessel, featuring a flat foot with the sides of the body slightly flaring outwards terminating at it’s flat rim. This stone is a beautiful cream colour, with veins of white and light brown running through its body.

Date: Circa 2nd Millennium BC
Condition: Fine condition.


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Bactria (or Bactriana) was the name of a historical region in central Asia. Several important trade routes from India and China passed through Bactria from the Bronze Age onwards, which allowed for the accumulation of vast wealth by the predominantly nomadic population.

In the ancient world, alabaster was widely used. This was on account of the rock’s softness – fine detail could be carved into it without need for iron or steel tools, and it had an attractive finish.

Weight 206.8 g
Dimensions W 4.3 x H 10.0 cm



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