Bactrian Large Stone Vessel


A finely carved Bactrian stone vessel featuring a flat base with a rising slightly concave wall flaring into a wide opening with a slightly everted lip. A horizontal line, composed of grooved incisions, embraces the neck of this vessel.

Date: Circa 2nd Millennium BC
Condition: Very fine condition

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Bactria (or Bactriana) was the name of a historical region in central Asia. Several important trade routes from India and China passed through Bactria from the Bronze Age onwards, which allowed for the accumulation of vast wealth by the predominantly nomadic population. Bactrian artworks and civilisation show strong characteristics of a mixed cultural complex, this was due to the different flourishing cultural influences on the area during the Bronze Age. Many Bactrian artworks were revealed to have been from the Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex (BMAC),  an archaeological name designated for the bronze age civilisation of central Asia.

Weight 2250 g
Dimensions W 17.4 x H 11.4 cm



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