Bactrian Marble Jar


A fine Bactrian marble jar, possible used for holding offerings or everyday items. The large, piriform body extends outward from its small, circular, flat foot which slightly narrows towards the neck ending in a flared rim. The marble is of a pale cream colour with rich black streaks across the body.

Date: Circa 2nd Millennium BC
Condition: Extremely fine, stablised stress cracks.


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Bactria (or Bactriana) was the name of a historical region in central Asia. Several important trade routes from India and China passed through Bactria from the Bronze Age onwards, which allowed for the accumulation of vast wealth by the predominantly nomadic population.

Marble was a favourable material used through out the ancient world, the stone was produced from limestone that had be compressed and exposed to heat over time. Marble is easy to carve due to its softness and therefore was used to creature sculptures and vessels such as this example.

Weight 456.2 g
Dimensions W 8.7 x H 9.2 cm



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