Egyptian Faience Lidded Offering Cup

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An elegant Egyptian faience offering cup with a fitted lid. The vessel features an egg-cup shape in pale green faience, with a shallow dish-shaped bowl and flat rim. The lid is in pale blue faience with an internal rim to fit neatly into the mouth of the container.

The lids would have been separately made (hence the variation in colour). It is thought that such vessels were used to contain unguents.

Date: Circa 1550-30 BC
Period: New Kingdom - Ptolemaic Period
Condition: Complete and intact, with accretions and deposits

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Offering cups, such as this beautiful example, have been recovered across Egypt from the New Kingdom onwards, and contained various sacred perfumed oils that were used during both funeral and daily rites. They were often glazed and inscribed with hieroglyphs describing their contents. This little cup would have been a part of an offering tray where it would have been set on a base with similar vessels with various sacred unguents.

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