Egyptian Amarna Faience Lidded Ointment Jar


An elegant Egyptian faience offering jar with a fitted lid. The vessel features a egg-cup shape in pale green faience, with a shallow dish-shaped bowl and flat rim. The lid is in pale blue faience with an internal rim to fit neatly into the mouth of the container.

The lids would have been separately made (hence the variation in colour). It is thought that such vessels were used to contain unguents.

Date: Mid 14th century BC
Period: New Kingdom, Amarna Period
Condition: Complete and intact, with accretions and deposits

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The Amarna period relates specifically to the later half of the 18th Dynasty and the reign of Tutankhamen’s father, Akhenaten, who altered the polytheistic Ancient Egyptian religion. The period saw the first development of monotheistic religion, in which the sun god Aten was worshipped above the other Egyptian gods.

Weight 10 g
Dimensions H 4.3 cm




Reference: For type see item 121; Gifts Of The Nile – Ancient Egyptian Faience; Edited by Florence Friedman

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