Egyptian Double Chambered Model Libation (Hes) Vase


Double-chambered Hes libation vase, made of fine, light blue glazed faience. It features flat rims, tapering bodies, and a lug handle to one side.

Date: 664-332 BC
Period: Late Period
Condition: Fine, signs of aging and earthly encrustations on the surface. Part of the original light blue glazing missing.


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Hes-vases were used for pouring liquid offerings to the gods and to the deceased, with the word, ‘hes‘ meaning “praise” or “favour”. These vases would have formed part of the traditional array of items in the royal tombs, or would have contributed generally to the funerary furnishings of a person of rank.

Weight 30 g
Dimensions H 5.8 cm




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