Elamite Lugged Terracotta Jar


A finely moulded Elamite terracotta jar, featuring a cylindrical body that arises from a flat base. Geometric incisions, composed of crossing lines and triangular shapes, encircle the body. It has a short neck that connects to a wide opening with an everted lip. Four well-spaced, moulded lug handles, each with a central perforation, protrude from the neck.



Date: Circa 3rd-4th millennium century BC
Condition: Fine condition, minor chips to the lip and around the base.

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Sculpted terracotta vases, featuring a cylindrical body richly decorated with incised images and perforated, lugged handles, were widely yielded from ancient Elam. They are believed to have been Iranian imports and to have been executed in Susa (an important archaeological site of ancient Elamite culture), from which a wide variety of archaeological material was excavated in support of enlightening the comprehension of Elamite civilisation. During the broad chronological time span, within which the Elamite kingdom flourished, the term ‘Old Elamite period’ has been coined to refer particularly to a period from circa 2600 to 1500 BC. During this period, Mesopotamian, Iranian stylistic and cultural assimilation reached a peak.

Weight 200.9 g
Dimensions W 6.8 x H 10.9 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


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