Large Bactrian Stone Ceremonial Vessel


A beautiful Bactrian hard stone ceremonial ritual vessel consisting of a square base and sharp edges extending upwards and maintaining the squared shape through out the body. The hollow portion is instead circular and shallow. The surface presents a grey finish and is crossed by white veins.

Date: Circa 2nd Millennium
Condition: Good condition, a small chip on the base.


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Bactria, also known as Bactriana, was the name of a historical region in central Asia, today modern Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. Several important trade routes from India and China passed through Bactria from the Bronze Age onwards, which allowed for the accumulation of vast wealth by the predominantly nomadic population. Vessels of this type would have been carved in fine hard stones, such as alabaster, and used for ritual porposes, as well as grave goods.

Weight 496.2 g
Dimensions L 4.8 x W 4.5 x H 16.2 cm



Reference: For a similar item, The Metropolitan Museum, item 1992.232.8

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