Late Bronze Age Ribbed Cup


A Central European bronze sheet, hammered cup, dated stylistically to the Late Bronze Age, featuring a deep cylindrical body, decorated with a band of concentric ribs decorate the lower section of the bowl, just before the inverted foot. A ribbon handle has been attached to the deep rim and to the body, two rivets at each section.

Dimensions given are for internal width of the bowl. Diameter from outside rim to handle is 16.6 cm.

Date: c. 1300 — 750 BC
Period: Late Bronze Age
Provenance: Private German collection, acquired 1990s.
Condition: Fine. Some areas of corrosion.


Stylistically the cup bears resemblance to the Jenišovice-type and is attributed to the Urnfield culture of central Europe. The term ‘urnfield’ refers to the practise of burying the ashes of their deceased in small urns (resembling a bronze conical hat). Other bronze goods, such as cups like this and jewellery, would have been buried together with the urns. The burial practise spread across Central Europe and into Southern Europe, as far as Southern Italy.

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Weight 146.6 g
Dimensions W 13.5 x H 7 cm



Time Period

Reference: For similar type, see The Thüringen Museum, item 1563

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