Mesopotamian Vessel with Lotus Petals


A Mesopotamian, Uruk, bowl made from green faience, decorated with pierced lug handles to the sides and segmented with a ‘lotus flower’ effect in black pigmentation.


Date: 2nd millennium BC
Provenance: Published: ‘The Remains of Happiness: The Dr. & Mrs Kurokawa Collection, Vol.I’, 1986, p.27, no.27-2. Previously from an old Tokyo collection; previously the property of a Japanese gentleman since the early 1980s; accompanied by copies of the relevant pages as published in The Remains of Happiness, The Dr. & Mrs Kurokawa Collection, vol.1, 1986, p.27, no.27-2.
Condition: Excellent


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Uruk, one of the first ancient cities, was situated in Sumer, which later became Babylonia. Along with the Ancient Egyptians and the Indus Valley, Sumer was on of the earliest known civilizations. It is believed that the legendary king Gilgamesh ruled sometime between 2800 and 2500 BC.

Weight 59.6 g
Dimensions W 7.9 x H 4.9 cm



Reference: For similar, see The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, accession number: 67.202

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