Selection of Qing Dynasty Jade Bowls


A selection of two finely crafted Ancient Chinese Qing Dynasty jade bowls, featuring elegant, curved profiles. Each bowl stands on a short ring foot, from which the gently sloping walls gradually flare out into a wide opening with an everted rim. The stone is a beautiful partially translucent olive-green colour, allowing the light to pass through showcasing intricate moss-like patterns which have been naturally formed. INDIVIDUALLY PRICED.

Date: Circa AD 1644-1912
Period: Qing Dynasty
Condition: Excellent Condition, different visual appearances due to the natural stones formation.
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Jade, in Chinese civilisations holds high value not only as a social marker but as a symbol of beauty, grace and purity. Jade has been part of Chinese civilisations from the Neolithic period and spans in importance to modern day. In Ancient civilisations it was sought after as its strength and hardness made it the ideal stone for tools and weaponry. It was further lavishly used for dress ornaments, ritual objects, and protection of the dead in tombs. Under the patronage of Qianlong, of the Qing Dynasty, jade carvings enjoyed unprecedented growth, in a time when China directly controlled the Central Asian jade-yielding regions of Hotan and Yarkland.

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