Pompeian Plaster Fragments

A selection of fresco plaster fragments uncovered in Pompeii, featuring some well-preserved pigments depicting dotted designs and plant inspired motifs on a white background.

Date: Circa 1st Century BC – 1st Century AD
Condition: Fine condition with signs of ageing on the surface.
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Frescoes were used to ornament walls, including those of the villae urbanae (house of wealthy citizens), and those of public and religious places, like baths and temples. The lime plaster would have been carefully built up to as many as seven layers in the wealthiest houses, and while still wet painted with pigment which would dry within the plaster itself as it would solidify. As well as pleasing patterns, as these pieces offer, popular scenes from mythology were often used in decoration.

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Reference: For Similar: The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, item 83.AG.222.36