Rare Pallasite Slice

£ 395.00

A rare slice of a pallasite, filled with extraterrestrial gemstones. Olivine crystals of peridot quality are suspended in an iron-nickle core. Given its appearance, this is perhaps an Eagle Station pallasite, the rarest group of pallasites.

Date: Found in 1880
Condition: Fine condition, minor chips to the edges.


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Pallasites are the rarest type of meteorites – only 61 are known to exist. The pallasite designation for this meteorite class is named after German scientist Peter Pallas, who, while travelling through Siberia, examined the first pallasitic mass in the early 1770s. Even though Peter Pallas fervently believed his discovery was not a meteorite, pallasites were still named after him. Pallasites are widely considered the most desirable meteorite, thanks to both their beauty and scarcity: less than 0.2% of all meteorites discovered are pallasites.

Weight 23.21 g
Dimensions L 5.3 x W 3.3 cm

Reference: For a similar item, please see Christie’s, Lot 43

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