Kangxi Dish with Chrysanthemum Decoration


A richly decorated blue and white glazed ceramic plate from the Chinese Kangxi period. The vessel displays an intricate floral decoration, comprising the depiction of scrolling tendrils and four chrysanthemum flowers.

Date: Late 17th century AD
Period: Kangxi Period
Provenance: From the ‘Blue Chrysanthemum Wreck’; lost in the South China Sea, late 17th century AD, recovered 2014.
Condition: The dish is in a good condition. Dulling of glazed surfaces due to seawater exposure.


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This beautiful plate comes from the Blue Chrysanthemum Wreck, sank in the South China Sea in the late 17th century. Samples recovered from this shipwrecked cargo are exclusively Chinese ceramics, in the main blue and white porcelain, all assessed by experts to be excellent examples of early Chinese Kangxi period in origin of a quality indicating they were manufactured in the famous porcelain centre of Jingdezhen in the Jiangsu Province. Blue-and-white porcelain was particularly admired by the Chinese imperial court, and it was produced for both domestic use and for export outside China. Numerous examples of Kangxi porcelain have been recovered in many European collections, testifying the great popularity held by Chinese Blue and White porcelain. Both imperial and non-imperial wares display high quality of material, craftsmanship, design, painting quality and aesthetic appeal.

To find out more about the Blue and White Kangxi pottery please see our relevant blog post: Chinese Kangxi Blue and White Shipwreck Pottery.

Weight 405 g
Dimensions W 21.8 x H 4 cm


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