Kangxi Period Blue and White Saucer


A nicely decorated white glazed Kangxi saucer painted in cobalt blue. The saucer’s interior displays a naturalistic landscape, with trees, water and mountains rendered with a gentle use of the brush. To the lower part, the dish is further decorated with a stylized male figure, a scholar, shown as he crosses a bridge whilst holding onto a walking stick and a small bag. Oblique lines to the rim frame the landscape. The reverse displays a brown colouration to the rim and a white centre. Some encrustations remain to the surface.

Date: Late 17th century AD
Period: Kangxi Period, Qing Dynasty.
Provenance: From the 'Blue Chrysanthemum Wreck'; lost in the South China sea, late 17th century A.D., recovered 2014.
Condition: Fine condition. Some chipping and light abrasions, dulling of glazed surfaces due to seawater exposure.


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The Kangxi period was one of the most productive period of Chinese ceramics. Blue and White glazed porcelain is probably the most immediately recognisable art production which flourished under this period. Blue-and-white porcelain was particularly admired by the Imperial court, and it was produced for both domestic use and for export outside China. Blue and White ceramic is created by painting designs with the distinctive cobalt-oxide mixture under the glaze. Cobalt ores were imported from Persia, and were considered precious ingredients at the time, used only in limited quantities.

To find out more about the Blue and White Kangxi pottery please see our relevant blog post: Chinese Kangxi Blue and White Shipwreck Pottery.

Weight 62.7 g
Dimensions L 10.8 x H 1.7 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


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