Blue And White Porcelain Figures


Two blue and white glazed porcelain figures. The figures are wearing children’s belly wraps, and are depicted with delightful facial expressions and playful gestures.

A. Height 9.5 cm, width 7 cm.

B. Height 10 cm, width 7.5 cm.


Date: Circa 18th-19th century AD
Period: Qing Dynasty
Condition: Very fine condition.
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These stunning figures account for one of around 130,000 ceramics recovered from the Ca Mau Shipwreck: a junk transporting Chinese export porcelains, which likely sank en route from Canton (Guangzhou) to Batavia (Jakarta). Although this voyage took place around 1723 – 1735, the ship was not discovered until 1998, when Vietnamese fishermen came across it in the South China Sea, off the southern coast of Vietnam.

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Pottery and Porcelain

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Reference: Literature: The National Museum of Vietnamese History Catalogue 2002, p.187, item no. 253/254

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