Blue And White Porcelain Figures

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Two blue and white glazed porcelain figures. The figures are wearing children’s belly wraps, and are depicted with delightful facial expressions and playful gestures.

A. Height 9.5 cm, width 7 cm.

B. Height 10 cm, width 7.5 cm.


Date: Circa 18th-19th century AD
Period: Qing Dynasty
Condition: Very fine condition.
£ 395.00
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These stunning figures account for one of around 130,000 ceramics recovered from the Ca Mau Shipwreck: a junk transporting Chinese export porcelains, which likely sank en route from Canton (Guangzhou) to Batavia (Jakarta). Although this voyage took place around 1723 – 1735, the ship was not discovered until 1998, when Vietnamese fishermen came across it in the South China Sea, off the southern coast of Vietnam.

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Pottery and Porcelain

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Reference: Literature: The National Museum of Vietnamese History Catalogue 2002, p.187, item no. 253/254

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