Chinese Export Porcelain Hound


A finely modelled Chinese porcelain figurine of a seated hound. The animal is rendered in a naturalistic manner with much attention given towards the rendering of the anatomy and facial expression. The dog is wearing a chain with bell around the neck. The statuettes would have been originally completely glazed, however this has now faded away due to the erosion by sea water.

Date: Circa early 18th century
Period: Qing Dynasty
Provenance: From the Ca Mau shipwreck sank between 1723-1735, recovered in 1998.
Condition: Extremely fine, complete and intact. Original glaze missing due to sea water exposure.


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In Chinese mythology and culture, the hound was believed to be a symbol of loyalty, and statues of hounds were often used to ‘guard’ the entrances to temples or important places. The samples recovered from the Ca Mau shipwreck were all meant for the European and Western markets, especially for Dutch traders, who had limited access to China and its ports.

Weight 56.1 g
Dimensions W 5.7 x H 6.7 cm


Pottery and Porcelain


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