White Glazed Seated Hound

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A fine porcelain figure of a seated hound. The mouth of the dog is open; the ears are flipped back; and there is a chain with a bell around the neck.


Date: Circa early 18th century
Period: Qing Dynasty
Condition: Very fine condition.


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This stunning figure accounts for one of around 130,000 ceramics recovered from the Ca Mau Shipwreck: a junk transporting Chinese export porcelains, which likely sank en route from Canton (Guangzhou) to Batavia (Jakarta). Although this voyage took place around 1723 – 1735, the ship was not discovered until 1998, when Vietnamese fishermen came across it in the South China Sea, off the southern coast of Vietnam.

The hound was a symbol of loyalty, and statues of them were often used to ‘guard’ the entrances to temples or important places.


Weight 57.2 g
Dimensions W 4.4 x H 6.6 cm


Pottery and Porcelain


Reference: For similar see: The Met, accession number 1971.180.186

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