Ancient & Oriental is pleased to offer a selection of artefacts coming from the C. Roger Moss OBE collection, the majority of Chinese in origin, from both ancient and more recent dynasties, and all of the highest quality. The C. Roger Moss OBE collection is considered, outside a museum, to be one of the largest private collections to come onto the market in many years, this collection reflects a lifetime of travel, study and passion for artistic expression. The late C. Roger Moss OBE was a collector of formidable enthusiasm and determination. He studied Social Anthropology at Selwyn College, Cambridge under Edmund Leach; we can imagine how those early years must have been important for the development of his interest of ancient civilisations.

Roger’s high-profile career included impactful tenures as Finance Director of British Airways and latterly of the Mass Transit Railway Corporation in Hong Kong. He was generous with his time as Chair of the Community Chest and actively participated on the boards of The Hong Kong Ballet and The Chinese International School. His altruism also found purpose lending his steer to the Royal Anthropological Society and Outward Bound. Counting some of the world’s most respected curators, collectors and artists amongst his friends, Roger loved to seek out unusual and challenging finds and to share his passion for those historic and cultural objects with others, regularly giving talks on “Collecting and the Collector”.

Collectors and dealers from across the globe will remember Roger’s term as President of the Oriental Ceramic Society. “Many OCS members enjoyed ‘foraging’ with Roger in their own quest for the ‘perfect treasure’.” (Bore Wong/Rupert Wong for OCS Hong Kong). Hugh Moss, Roger Moss’s son comments: “My late father adorned the floors and walls with his farmhouse in the Yorkshire Dales with his equally beloved collection of art.  Citing himself as a ‘pathological collector’ he often gave talks on ‘Collecting and the Collector’ and welcomed both young and old to his characterful home. His deep intellect and emotional sensitivity are reflected in the art which he purchased and the sale of his artworks now allows others to further enjoy the expression of beauty and form.”

Our Selection of Artefacts from the C. Roger Moss Collection